Groupex Financial Services

Offering A Range Of Customisable Funeral Policies

At some point in our lives, most of us will have to bury a loved one and handle funeral arrangements. This means having to make difficult decisions at an emotional time. We are here to assist and guide you through the process in this time of need. Our services are meaningful, memorable and honor your loved one’s life.

We are driven by:

  • Compassion & Respect
  • Quality Service
  • Professionalism
  • Ethical Standards

We offer a range of customisable funeral policies, whether it be on an individual or group scheme basis, voluntary or compulsory scheme, funeral service as well as cash policies. In addition to our funeral policies, we have designed add-on products, to assist the bereaved family with some extra cash in that time of need.

Our Policies are administered by Groupex Financial Administrators, and authorised Financial Services Provider, (FSP43916), and underwritten by African Unity Life Ltd, a registered insurer and authorised Financial Services Provider (FSP 8447)

Our Promise

To promote and maintain a high level of service to all.
To ensure all of our staff are always professional, properly equipped and trained for the job.
To grow communities through honesty, trust and integrity.

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