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Regain your financial freedom and become debt-free

Do you need help to achieve your goal of becoming debt-free? Nationwide Credit Administrators & Debt Counsellors offer you the support that makes a difference!

What is debt counselling? Debt counselling is a formal legal process that provides for a consumer to be declared over-indebted and for the debt counsellor to negotiate a restructured payment plan and obtain a court order confirming the new repayment plan. The purpose of debt counselling is to offer an alternative remedy to the traditional methods such as administration and sequestration could offer you. A debt review will protect the consumer from losing crucial assets and keep the credit providers from taking legal action on accounts that were lawfully included in the debt review.

Debt Counselling Process:

  • Let’s talk
    • Provide us with details of your income, expenses and list of credit
  • Action Plan
    • We will do an affordability assessment and work out your new budget
  • Protection
    • You are now legally protected
  • Save
    • Enjoy a reduced interest rate, and pay back less.
  • Live better
    • Enjoy life knowing you have money for daily expenses
  • Debt-free
    • Once your debt is paid, you will receive a clearance certificate

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We can offer you peace of mind with 20 years of experience in the credit field.

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