Smart MI

Offering You Smart Funeral Insurance

They sell SMART funeral insurance directly to individuals and also administer Group Schemes across South Africa. Their team is ready to serve you the #SMARTWay today!

Group Schemes:

Over the years we have developed an infrastructure and experienced Team that can support the long-distance relationships we have with the majority of our Group Schemes.

We are focused on understanding the different needs, environments and requirements of each Group Scheme, and build a personal relationship with these businesses to ensure an enhanced experience. Our service delivery and administration support is structured and delivered in such a way, that your focus remains the growth of your own business.

At smartMI we understand that different sized businesses have different needs, infrastructure and requirements. We, therefore, chose to define the different sized Group Schemes to enable us to render an even SMARTER service. We want to play a positive role in your business and help you grow.

Since we are equipped to deal with any size Group Scheme, you are welcome to apply for a NEW Group Scheme, or an EXISTING Group Scheme TODAY!

Our Promise

We aim to render a SMARTER intermediary service in the Micro Insurance industry with a practical approach to the implementation of laws and regulations to ensure proper compliance. We build long-term trust relations with our clients and stakeholders through effective communication, whilst focusing on growth via a creative and innovative marketing approach.

Contact Details

2nd Floor, Pier 14
Store Number 218

041 487 3194


Monday – Friday
9:00 – 16:30

8:30 – 15:00

8:30 – 15:00