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“We made a promise that the girls’ bathrooms were next, and we have kept our promise”

The female learners at Laerskool Excelsior in North End have a brighter start to their day with freshly revamped bathrooms courtesy of Pier 14 Shopping Centre.

The project included a deep clean, new windows, re-tiling and a fresh coat of paint, new mirrors, energy-efficient lighting, and new toilet seats and toilet roll holders, as well as ensuring all the plumbing is in good order with no leaks, especially important in the Bay’s current water crisis.

Carstens said the historic Excelsior school’s buildings were old and needed constant maintenance. With most of the school’s budget going to textbooks and learning materials, he said it was great to have Pier 14 on board, helping with projects they could not afford, like keeping the buildings and facilities in a good state to support the learners. Regular suppliers to Pier 14 supported the project too, including Pro Services (painting), Baypower (electrical), Kreative Décor (tiling), Hannagen Aluminium (all-new windows) and Harvan Services (cleaning).

Excelsior’s principal, Dan Carstens, said the girls were so surprised by the refurbishment done during the school holidays, that they did not want to enter as they thought the bathrooms were reserved for guests.

“The learners are absolutely delighted with the upgrade, complete with colourful inspirational posters that motivate learning. The revamp not only improves health and hygiene, but the fresh state of the bathrooms is good for learners’ self-esteem as well, and gives them a facility to be proud of,” said Carstens.

Laerskool Excelsior is the closest school to our centre, and many of the schools’ families and teachers live in the area and shop at Pier 14.

“We have adopted Laerskool Excelsior as part of our social development commitment to the community we serve. Supporting the school is part of our being a good neighbour, and supporting the neighbours who support us too,” she said.

Pier 14 has previously upgraded and resurfaced the netball courts to competitive standard and last year gave the boys’ ablutions a major makeover.
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